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Obtaining the operating license for Aliénor Ciments

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« Local authority order, granting authorization to the classified facilities of a cement productionplant by clinker grinding by the ALIENOR CIMENTS company in the André Thévet businesspark, within the territory of the township of TONNEINS. »

AUGUST 2016 …

In August 2016 the application for an operating licence was filed with the local authority Préfecture du Lot-et- Garonne. This type of file must deal with environmental issues in a balanced manner, respecting the methodologies prescribed by the legislation in force and integrating elements of consultation with local authorities and administrations. It is also the result of the mobilization of both internal and external expertise (1) to design a project which has no residual impact on the environment..

JUNE 2017…

After a fast-paced investigation lasting 10 months and covering the administrative enquiry, the public inquiry and the approval by CODERST (the regional committee for the assessment of environment and health and technological risks), Aliénor Ciments received authorization to exploit the Tonneins site on 7 th June 2017.

And now...

The Aliénor Ciments team, as guarantor of ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements and all of the commitments made during the investigation and strengthened by this authorization, has just launched the construction phase.

(1) environmental design office (flora and fauna, noise, soil, air,..) , architects, structural design offices (géotechnical, containment, …) .